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Downloads: MudOS libraries

This is  a summary of currently-availableMudOS libs whose installation difficulty level ranges from "easy-ish" to "moderate". The point of this page is to provide a convenient reference to those interested in trying them out. These downloads are libs bundled with the driver (with permission of the authors where required) for your convenience.

Non-MudOS libs have a section below.

Note about licensing: Each of these libs comes with its own licensing information. Do not assume they are public domain, or GPL, or whatever.

Note about intermud: Most of these libs are designed or preconfigured to connect to the intermud router. Please read the router info and rules if you plan on making use of that communication medium. Also, note this FAQ entry on intermud security.

Dead Souls 3
Comments: Easy to use, polished, and popular.
Advantages: Works very well right out of the box, thoroughly documented. UNIX and Windows version in the same download.
Disadvantages: Uses the complex verb system. Function names are different from older libs.
Download: http://lpmuds.net/files/deadsouls/ds3.8.1.zip
(Bleeding edge "alpha" development versions are available, but they are only for the adventurous. You can look here for them.)
Comments: Rarely used, except by old-timers. Newly revamped and includes experimental Windows executable.
Advantages: It's a solid lib, built by competent coders dedicated to excellence.
Disadvantages: It's showing its age. Lacks an advanced parser.
Download: http://lpmuds.net/files/tmi2_fluffos_v3.zip
(Note: this lib and included driver source have been modified to compile and run on modern unix)
Comments: Seems nice enough. v3 is Skylib 1.8 on FluffOS. Windows executable also included.
Advantages: Should feel familiar to Discworld types.
Disadvantages:  see above
Download/Homepage: http://lpmuds.net/files/skylib_fluffos_v3.zip
(Note: this lib and included driver source have been modified to compile and run on modern unix)
Comments: Easy to use, polished, and popular. Also work on Windows.
Advantages: Works well when patched. Designed by experts to be extremely advanced.
Disadvantages: Not currently maintained. Not compatible with add_actions. Perhaps too advanced for beginners.
Download: http://lpmuds.net/files/lima_fluffos_v1.zip
Comments: Based on the popular Nightmare 3 lib. Windows executable also included.
Advantages: Has the "Nightmare feel" and robustness without the complications of verbs or weird lfun names.
Disadvantages:  Limited intermud, and little available support.
Download/Homepage: http://lpmuds.net/files/merentha_fluffos_v2.zip
(Note: this lib and included driver source have been modified to compile and run on modern unix)
Comments: Well liked, but rarely used. Newly updated with FluffOS 2.9 and Windows driver.
Advantages: The grotesquely popular Discworld MUD uses a variation of this lib, so it must have something going for it.
Disadvantages: Few adopters. Limited support.
Download:  http://lpmuds.net/files/discworld/dw_fluffos_v3.zip
(Note: this lib and included driver source have been modified to compile and run on modern unix)
Final Realms
Comments: Interesting. Based on Discworld. Newly updated with FluffOS 2.9 and Windows driver.
Advantages: Lots and lots and lots and lots of example. Also, lots of examples.
Disadvantages: Peculiar and idiosyncratic. Fixer-upper.
Download:  http://lpmuds.net/files/final_realms_fluffos_v1.zip
(Note: this lib and included driver source have been modified to compile and run on modern unix)
Dead Souls I
Comments: Dead Souls I is nearly identical to Nightmare IV except the docs are missing.
Advantages: Public domain, so lib licensing is no worry. Simpler than DS2.
Disadvantages: See "Dead Souls 2" above.  DS1 may contain some bugs  that are fixed in DS2.
Download: http://lpmuds.net/files/deadsouls/dsI.zip
(Note: this lib and included driver source have been modified to compile and run on modern unix)
LPUniversity Mudlib
Comments: Not ready for play. Newly updated with FluffOS. Windows driver also included.
Advantages: Provides a chance to build a lib from the ground up without having to deal much with the driver.
Disadvantages: No longer developed. Fixer-upper.
Download/Homepage: http://lpmuds.net/files/lpuni_fluffos_v1.zip
(Note: this lib and included driver source have been modified to compile and run on modern unix)
Comments: An influential early lib family. Newly revamped: Unix and Windows driver included together.
Advantages: Heavily documented and widely known.
Disadvantages: NM3 is woefully outdated. NM IV is less so, but still long in the tooth.
Nightmare 3 Download: http://lpmuds.net/files/nightmare3_fluffos_v2.zip
Nightmare IV Download: http://lpmuds.net/files/nightmare4_fluffos_v1.zip
(Note: this lib and included driver source have been modified to compile and run on modern unix)
Comments: This is a fixed up version of the MudOS "testsuite" lib with MudOS docs added. Unix source and Windows executable included.
Advantages: Clean as a whistle. You can log in and use a few commands, but otherwise it's bare metal so you can code from the ground up.
Disadvantages: This is about as bare bones as it gets without coding 100% from scratch. You really need to know what you're doing. No intermud. For the seriously leet only!
Download: http://lpmuds.net/files/lil_0.3.zip
(Note: this lib and included driver source have been modified to compile and run on modern unix)
Comments: This is a stripped-down version of Nightmare. Unix source and Windows executable included.
Advantages: No combat, or limbs, etc. This is good for people who like NM or DS but feel it is too cluttered.
Disadvantages: It's much more accessible than Lil, but it is not at all for LPC beginners. Not even close. Experts only!
Foundation I Download: http://lpmuds.net/files/foundation/foundation1_fluffos_v1.zip
Foundation II Download: http://lpmuds.net/files/foundation/foundation2_fluffos_v1.zip
(Note: this lib and included driver source have been modified to compile and run on modern unix)

External Downloads: Non-MudOS libraries

This is  a summary of currently-available libs for non-MudOS drivers. Most of these downloads are hosted on external sites, and not LPmuds.net, because I am not involved in their development, or their easyfication, or anything about them at all. If you download them and lose your mind trying to install them, your mental health does not become my responsibility. If the link is dead or does not yield an actual download, feel free to do the research required on your own, without bothering me.

Bundled Libs
Comments: This is version 0.018 of Phantasmal bundled with DGD 1.2.110
Advantages: Reputed to be the most complete publicly downloadable lib for DGD.
Disadvantages: No intermud.
Download http://lpmuds.net/files/phantasmal_dgd_v1.tar.gz
Comments: Updated Gurba lib plus an intermud-enabled version of DGD.
Advantages: Currently maintained by a competent coder.
Disadvantages: Relatively small set of working examples and areas.
Download http://wotf.org/downloads/gurba/ (older versions here)

Unbundled Libs
LDmud ( http://www.bearnip.com/lars/proj/ldmud.html )

OSB http://www.bearnip.com/ftp/mud/osb-lib-030218.tar.gz
Heaven 7 (updated by Mordain) http://lpmuds.net/files/heaven7_4a2_pkg-004.tar.gz
Tublib http://www.tubmud.de/ftp/distributions

DGD ( http://www.dworkin.nl/dgd/ ) ( http://dgdhub.org/filemgmt/index.php)

Melville ftp://ftp.dworkin.nl/pub/dgd/lib/Melville/melville_0.9.1.tar.gz
Gurbalib http://gurba.sytes.net/~erlends/gurba.html

Shattered World ( http://www.shattered.org/ )

SWlib http://sourceforge.net/projects/swlpc

CD ( http://www.genesismud.org/students/index )

CDlib http://www.genesismud.org/svn/mudlib/trunk

(The Original) LPmud (aka 2.4.5 aka 3.x aka Amylaar)

LPmud http://mudbytes.net/index.php?a=files&cid=230

  Other downloads

Windows editors:

The #1 problem in Windows is that the default plaintext
editor, Notepad, produces text that is not 100% compatible with the
mud. Windows plaintext and UNIX plaintext differ, believe it
or not. If you use notepad for editing mudos.cfg, for example,
your mud is likely to just fail to boot. This is because it
can no longer read the "incorrectly" formatted file.

The other big problem with Notepad and Wordpad is that
they often add formatting and characters to text files that
make them very ugly and hard to read from inside the mud.

The solution is to use a text editor that can save in
UNIX text format. The following URLs point to editors that I
have been told will do a good job of this. I can't vouch for
them, as they are 3rd party apps and I've never tested them, but
I am assured they are very good for this.

Notepad++ http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/site.htm

WinVi http://www.winvi.de/en/

Notepad2 http://www.flos-freeware.ch/notepad2.html
Windows clients:

I can't imagine using the default Windows telnet client for
long. It is so bereft of features as to be actually worse than the
crappiest UNIX (or even VMS!) clients from 1993...Windows telnet is
worse than the worst from fifteen years ago.

There are a ton of great Windows mud clients out there.
Anyway, that's what I hear. Back when I used windows, I used a free
version of Zmud, and sometimes a less preferred Gmud. Zmud is now
a non-free application, so you have to buy it to use it. However,
they do still allow free distribution of a crappy, super old
version of the client.

Gmud http://frontiers.wcsu.ctstateu.edu/gmud.exe

Old Zmud 3 from 1996 (not my prob if it's broken)

UNIX clients:

The client I use is gmoo 0.5.6. It has its drawbacks, but it
works ok, in general, and I'm used to it. An older version of it is
gMOO 0.4.8, and I've found it's a little easier to compile on some
newer UNIXes, for reasons beyond me.

Though I'd been reluctant to use it (fear of a CLI
client), the TinyFugue client, aka "tf", is a magnificent piece of
work that is worth becoming familiar with.

gmoo 0.5.6 http://frontiers.wcsu.ctstateu.edu/gmoo-0.5.6-11c.tgz
(Debian fixes applied, plus a bugfix for a prompt problem supplied by Haderach @ Frontiers )

gMOO 0.4.8 http://frontiers.wcsu.ctstateu.edu/gMOO-0.4.8.tar.gz

tf http://tinyfugue.sourceforge.net/