Tacitus, part 2

If you're one of those people upset by the political angst
over LPUniversity, you may stop reading at the end of this
paragraph. With any luck, it's the last article of its
kind I have to post, so breathe easy. Relief is in sight.

The point of this article is to refute, with specific
evidence, an accusation made against me by Tacitus. This
means reviewing logs and such, and is therefore likely
to be tedious for you, unless you actually care.

For the easily bored, stop here. Just know that Tacitus
said something rude that was untrue, and these logs demonstrate

For those offended by petty bickering or crude language,
this here is a good place to stop.

On to the show.

I'm not sure why, but despite my circumspect and diplomatic

explanations of the new site and why I'll be spending less
time on LPUni stuff, Tacitus decided to attack me:

[2006.09.16-21.56] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> You took our hosting right from under neath us
[2006.09.16-21.57] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> uh
[2006.09.16-21.57] eMBee.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> ?
[2006.09.16-21.57] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> huh?
[2006.09.16-21.57] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> are you ill?
[2006.09.16-21.58] Tricky@Rock the Halo <lpuni> eMBee: You see how easily wars can start?
[2006.09.16-21.58] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> seriously, if you mean that, there is something wrong with you
[2006.09.16-21.58] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> No Cratylus, I just say it because I enjoy saying things like that
[2006.09.16-21.58] eMBee.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> tricky: sure, way to easy
[2006.09.16-21.58] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> whoa dude
[2006.09.16-21.58] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> It is because there is unresolved "friction" between Cratylus and I
[2006.09.16-21.59] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> how bout i remind you the url of that tell log. hang on
[2006.09.16-21.59] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> oh i cant tell to you
[2006.09.16-21.59] <lpuni> Tricky@Rock the Halo fishes out som WD40
[2006.09.16-21.59] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> mind if i post it, so people can judge for themselves?
[2006.09.16-22.00] <lpuni> eMBee.freenode@RtHBridge wants to know why lpuni can't be hosted on wolfpaw
[2006.09.16-22.00] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> cuz if yer gonna unload accusations i feel i should have the right to defend myself
[2006.09.16-22.01] Tricky@Rock the Halo <lpuni> Fer frick sake... Post it! Don't ask for permission.
[2006.09.16-22.01] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> it's a tell log. i dont feel comfortable doing that without his ok
[2006.09.16-22.01] Tricky@Rock the Halo <lpuni> FOI
[2006.09.16-22.01] <lpuni> eMBee.freenode@RtHBridge agrees
[2006.09.16-22.02] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> No, I'm too tired to defend myself - I'm getting ready for bed.
[2006.09.16-22.02] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> yer just going to accuse me and leave
[2006.09.16-22.02] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> nice
[2006.09.16-22.02] <lpuni> Tricky@Rock the Halo bangs his head against the table!
[2006.09.16-22.02] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> I'm sorry Cratylus
[2006.09.16-22.02] <lpuni> somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge hugs Cratylus.
[2006.09.16-22.03] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> ok i'll just tell the story then in my own words
[2006.09.16-22.03] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> No no, please, let me
[2006.09.16-22.03] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> tacitus said he'd be using trenden after all
[2006.09.16-22.03] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> No I didn't
[2006.09.16-22.03] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> so i'm like "fine by me"
[2006.09.16-22.03] <lpuni> eMBee.freenode@RtHBridge wants to hear both sides
[2006.09.16-22.03] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> I said we should CONSIDER it.
[2006.09.16-22.03] Tricky@Rock the Halo <lpuni> Err... It will be posted. What is the difference?
[2006.09.16-22.03] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> tacitus you have lost your mind
[2006.09.16-22.04] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> you said you were leaving wolfpaw
[2006.09.16-22.04] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> No, I didn't
[2006.09.16-22.04] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> do i need to ge tthe channel logs? really?
[2006.09.16-22.04] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> Yes, you do
[2006.09.16-22.04] eMBee.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> please don;t argue now, this is not getting anywhere
[2006.09.16-22.04] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> oh man
[2006.09.16-22.04] eMBee.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> just each of you tell how you understand the situation
[2006.09.16-22.04] Tricky@Rock the Halo <lpuni> Arguing good, leave them to it.
[2006.09.16-22.05] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> Basically, I said we should consider Trenden since Wolfpaw didn't been working out
[2006.09.16-22.05] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> Because Trenden had moved to a new server and maybe that would resolve their stability issues (our reason for leaving)
[2006.09.16-22.06] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> Cratylus was like "ok, blah blah blah, change the passwd back if you aren't going to use it".
[2006.09.16-22.06] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> I said "ok"
[2006.09.16-22.06] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> and changed it back right then because I was reading between the lines - I thought he might have wanted access back regardless, I was trying to be friendly.
[2006.09.16-22.07] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> oh i see get me to look for logs
[2006.09.16-22.07] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> And then before I said I changed it back so he could use it, he logged in, changed the passwd, and started uploading his competitor website
[2006.09.16-22.07] Tricky@Rock the Halo <lpuni> So... When *is* the wedding?
[2006.09.16-22.07] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> omg
[2006.09.16-22.07] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> dude
[2006.09.16-22.07] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> omg
[2006.09.16-22.07] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> this is unbelievable
[2006.09.16-22.08] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> i'm just flabbergasted

All righty. So on 16 September Tacitus accuses me of pulling the rug
out from under LPUni, and insists he never said he was moving off
Wolfpaw. This is the discussion that happened the previous week:

[2006.09.08-14.08] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> Have you heard back from Wolfpaw re: mod_rewrite?%^RESET%^
[2006.09.08-14.09] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> nope. i'll send him another reminder
[2006.09.08-14.10] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> They may not want to enable mod_rewrite - that would be a problem.%^RESET%^
[2006.09.08-14.14] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> There is an alternative that you may want to consider.%^RESET%^
[2006.09.08-14.25] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> who, me?
[2006.09.08-14.26] <lpuni> Tacitus@LPUniversity nods.%^RESET%^
[2006.09.08-14.27] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> go on
[2006.09.08-14.31] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> Well, Trenden is moving to a new server, new provider, and new OS w/ a very function CP%^RESET%^
[2006.09.08-14.31] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> I talked to Paradigm and he said that this move would address stability issues.%^RESET%^
[2006.09.08-14.31] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> what's cp?
[2006.09.08-14.31] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> Control panel%^RESET%^
[2006.09.08-14.31] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> ok
[2006.09.08-14.32] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> so you have a solution that avoids kyndig plus i dont have to pay
[2006.09.08-14.32] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> is that it?
[2006.09.08-14.32] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> I thought it is something that you might want to consider.%^RESET%^
[2006.09.08-14.33] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> well there's nothing to consider. it hits all the bases. fixes your problems, avoids mine
[2006.09.08-14.33] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> what's to think about?
[2006.09.08-14.33] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> I thought you might have an opinion%^RESET%^
[2006.09.08-14.33] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> well you sure got it
[2006.09.08-14.33] <lpuni> Tacitus@LPUniversity smiles softly.%^RESET%^
[2006.09.08-14.33] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> What do you plan to do with lpuni.net domain name?%^RESET%^
[2006.09.08-14.33] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> cram it up my butt
[2006.09.08-14.34] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> i mean, i dunno
[2006.09.08-14.34] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> Well, you might be able to get a rebate but you could also consider pointing it at our new host and we can take over payment once it expires.%^RESET%^
[2006.09.08-14.34] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> Not a rebate%^RESET%^
[2006.09.08-14.35] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> A refund, lol%^RESET%^
[2006.09.08-14.35] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> naw i'll hang on to it in case people decide to jump ship from your site and start a new one

Ok...at this point he hasn't come out and said he's moving back to Trenden,
but any reasonable reader would come to the strong impression that it
wasn't just being "considered", it was a plan in motion.

Just in case there remained any doubts, this is the following day:

[2006.09.09-10.44] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> lpuni.zapto.org <-- Dev site%^RESET%^
[2006.09.09-10.44] Tigwyk@LP Heroes <lpuni> Ah, okay, I'll bookmark that. Thanks, Tac. :)
[2006.09.09-10.47] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> Hopefully we'll be able to launch the new website soon%^RESET%^
[2006.09.09-10.48] Tigwyk@LP Heroes <lpuni> Ack, it didn't bring along my forums I created for the Education group. Agggh..
[2006.09.09-10.48] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> Sorry, lol%^RESET%^
[2006.09.09-10.48] Tigwyk@LP Heroes <lpuni> Oh well, I'll just put in the effort.
[2006.09.09-10.49] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> I can get the latest export if you want%^RESET%^
[2006.09.09-10.51] Tigwyk@LP Heroes <lpuni> That would be generous of you... I put a lot of effort into the forums.
[2006.09.09-10.51] Tigwyk@LP Heroes <lpuni> Thanks Tac, if you manage to do that.
[2006.09.09-10.56] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> Ok, getting the latest sql dump now from the old site.%^RESET%^
[2006.09.09-10.56] Tigwyk@LP Heroes <lpuni> Thanks dude.
[2006.09.09-10.58] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> What did you do exactly?%^RESET%^
[2006.09.09-10.59] Tigwyk@LP Heroes <lpuni> Created a forum container called "Education" and created a bunch of forums for different education aspects, as well as posted in the newbie forum to welcome people toit.
[2006.09.09-11.00] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> Ok, can you check to see if it is there now?%^RESET%^
[2006.09.09-11.00] Tigwyk@LP Heroes <lpuni> Yep, gimme a sec.
[2006.09.09-11.00] Tigwyk@LP Heroes <lpuni> Yeah, it's there. Thanks Tac!
[2006.09.09-11.01] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> <g> :]%^RESET%^
[2006.09.09-11.03] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> did you change the password to the lpuni account?
[2006.09.09-11.03] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> First thing I did%^RESET%^
[2006.09.09-11.05] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> if yer not gonna use it, how about changing it back?
[2006.09.09-11.05] Tacitus@LPUniversity <lpuni> Sure.%^RESET%^

Not only is he talking and planning on moving to this new site, he actually
has already begun the process and has a machine he's working on. He's even
coordinating with someone else about it. Now, I'll concede he hasn't yet
uttered the words "We're moving to Trenden", but given the action in
progress, no reasonable doubt can remain as to the intent here.

At this point I log in to the Wolfpaw account. I had paid for it, on
behalf of lpuni, so I figured, hey, if they're not gonna use it, maybe
I can use it to learn how to use a database and a forum and whatnot.

The directories were empty, obviously Tacitus was moved out,
so I start playing around with forum software (which I've *never* done
before, this was the leftmost edge of the learning curve). After
a little while, I notice the stuff I'm setting up is not at all
working right, no matter how much I RTFM. I go to a terminal window
and see I'm logged off of Wolfpaw. Odd.

I log back in, see that there is another user logged into the lpuni
account, and realize that one of the lpuni people might not have been
informed by Tacitus about what was going on. I booted them, figuring
Tacitus would explain to them the situation.

Then on my MUD client window, this happens:

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: If you think you are going to use lpuni.net
    for some competitor website - think again. It is pretty low of you to
    revoke the hosting too.

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: what on earth are you talking about?

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: You changed the passwd to the shell and now
    you're uploading your own crap.

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: i said "if yer not gonna use it, change the
    password back"

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: you changed it back

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: therefore, you're not going to use it

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: did you not understand the english phrases

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: I thought it was just a polite way of asking
    for getting access back because you wanted to have the passwd.

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: ok, let's go over this

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: apparently there's a misunderstading

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: you said you were going to use trenden

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: i said "fine"

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: today i see you *are* using non-wolfpaw

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: so i tried to login to wolfpaw

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: you had changed the passwd

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: i said "change it back if yer not gonna use it"

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: you changed it back

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: i log in

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: all the lpuni shit is gone

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: so i go "great. i guess it's my turn to play"

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: i changed the password because i have no idea
    who has yours

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: and i started to play

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: next thing i know, i get booted off and you're
    moving shit around

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: if you want to talk about rude, let's talk
    about YOU

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: Hmmm...
Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: Ok.
Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: I guess we misunderstood each other

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: i'm waiting to hear your side

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: cuz im rather pissed off at YOUR behavior

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: tell cratylus@Dead Souls Demo: I thought you
    were being offensive and were going to setup a competitor website (as you
    had hinted to the other day) and were planning to use the lpuni.net

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: how does that justify booting me off my own
    hosted account?

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: that i paid for

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: and that you abandoned?

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: Because I changed my mind and announced it on
    Intermud and so I went to work editing files and what not - Then when I
    lsed there was all your crap all over the place so I decided to take
    defensive actions.

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: you changed your mind? when?

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: on lpuni

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: And since you had changed the passwd, started
    to upload content that was being rendered under the lpuni.net vhost, I was
    like wtf

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: I was still logged in from earlier when I
    deleted everything so that I can upload a newer copy.

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: i dont see it. what did you say to indicate you
    were staying on wolfpaw?

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: "Oh, I know what I can use wolfpaw for."

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: backup?

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: no

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: i'm not paying to be your backup site dude

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: Well, we can always use it for one of our
    department websites.

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: no. that was not the deal. the deal was, you
    needed hosting, and i provided it. now you have hosting elsewhere. the

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: But what if Trenden going sour again?

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: do you expect a world where choices lack

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: You know, it's ok - You be like that. Now,
    lets discuss the future of the domain.

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: i'm not "being" like anything. you're trying to
    unilaterally alter the deal to your advantage

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: that's wrong and fucked up

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: and then you have the gall to boot me off the
    account i pay for myself

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: and then you have the gall to get fucking mad
    at ME

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: there's something wrong with you

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: seriously

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: you're wasting my time

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: TBH, I'm just worried about the domain.

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: well that's the last damn thing on my mind
    right now, mister

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: it's like you lack borders

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: it's like, if you *can* do a thing, you *do*

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: you're like a damned child

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: i'm starting to think yer still a teenager

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: because you simply do not act like a
    responsible adult

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: reply Cratylus, I felt threatened by your
    actions so I took action. It appeared very much so that you were taking
    offensive action against lpuni.

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: it didn't occur to you to *ask*?

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: I thought your actions made it very clear what
    your intent was

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: i disagree. i think you went off half-cocked,
    and proceeded to disrespect me with no need whatseover

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: i'm completely disappointed in you

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: every time you have a choice, you pick
    childishness, pettiness, and short-sighted self-interest

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: i'm sick of giving you chances

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: at this point, i just *might* set up a rival
    site, if i feel like it

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: you'll just have to see if i do

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: Dammit - why do you always have to be _right_?
    <.< >.>

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: *sighs*

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: i don't understand why you have to keep trying
    to fuck with me. you lose. every. time.

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: It is like I'm haicapped when ever I argue
    with you - it isn't faire.

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: *fair

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: *handicapped

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: being wrong is indeed a major disadvantage in a

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: I dunno why we fight all the time either...

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: because you do fucked up shit

Tacitus@LPUniversity tells you: I don't do fucked up shit to anyone else!

You tell Tacitus@LPUniversity: you'll have to discuss that with yer therapist

Ok, so you can pretty much judge for yourself what happened.
From my point of view, Tacitus took a situation he had
misunderstood and interpreted it as me having the worst
possible intentions, and rather than discuss it, he acted
to intervene and sabotage what I was working on. On an account
*I* provided to lpuni out of my own pocket, which he had

I don't understand why Tacitus has decided to not only
misremember this event, but now is starting to publicly
accuse me of wrongdoing.

Now, one last, short log from today:

[2006.09.16-22.08] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> tacitus, let's post the tell log, and that'll clear it all up
[2006.09.16-22.08] Cratylus@Dead Souls Demo <lpuni> ok?
[2006.09.16-22.08] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> I guess you could. It just shows me getting pissed off for what you were doing and for using lpuni.net
[2006.09.16-22.09] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> You'll note that I specifically stated I didn't intent to hand it over
[2006.09.16-22.09] somerville32.freenode@RtHBridge <lpuni> And then you were like, "well I said..." - kind of hard to argue with that

    Simply untrue.

    I thought I had handled Tacitus's behavior of the 9th pretty
well. I didn't make a big fuss, and I put together an nice explanation
of the general idea behind me starting a new site. I didn't think
it was really necessary to get into the gory details of why I was not
going to be posting content on Tacitus's new site. That I'd finally
completely lost all faith in him seemed a negative way to start a
site, and what I wanted to do was something positive.

    But I can't let people travel under the misimpression that
Tacitus's wild accusations have a basis in fact. In impugning my
integrity, he made it necessary for me to explain fully the situation he

    I know how petty and silly this looks to people who aren't
involved. Heck, it looks pretty petty and silly to me. But I'm posting
all of this so that people understand. So that, six months from
now, when Tacitus commits some other outrage (See here for an earlier one)
I can simply say "Look at what he did back in September of '06. I
don't think I need to get into who has the more credibility." And,
bing, end of argument.

    I hope this can be the last word on what the deal is with
Tacitus. I don't know what his problem is with me. No matter how
much support I've provided LPUni, I'm still persona non-grata. With
this document I wash my hands and leave Tacitus in your care.

    Do what you will with him, I'm done. I don't see any use
in me collaborating with him on any project, though if you choose
to do so, know I wish you only the best of luck. He's nothing
so grand as my enemy, I just don't see me working with him
on anything, because the only trust I have in him is that he'll
keep trying to undermine me and misrepresent my efforts.  

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