The Site

This is starting to become a bit of a frequently
asked question, but the proper answer is long, and the
short answer makes it seem like something hostile is
going on. This page is intended to clarify the origin
and purpose of the site.

Some months ago I got fed up with the way the site looked. Its purpose was unclear, its
navigation and priorities, in my opinion, very confusing.
After a long time of arguing and cajoling with Tacitus,
I decided that I'd take the DIY approach and
set up a simple site, with a simple purpose: promoting LP.
That is, both LPmuds and the LPC language. Just a resource executive boards, no free hosting, no
plenipotentiary council meetings. Just a site, with
an easy to read format, and helpful LP type stuff.

After this, Tacitus presumably understood what I'd
been talking about, and changed a little to
help the newcomer get a better handle on what that site is.

Since then, I haven't done much with the
site, because I assumed Tacitus would make that site

Today I'm not so sure. It's been months, and not
a single of the "FAQ"'s on the front page got
a link. Dead Souls people have complained to me about
lpuni and even left that organization due to political
disputes. The atmosphere has even made people stop participating
on the forums there, which was pretty much the whole point
of me asking Dead Soulers to go there.

I truly, sincerely hope that lpuni gets itself
together and squared away. I believe in its goals, and
have always been an avid public supporter. I don't think I
need to prove my bona fides on that. I've shown that I'm
more than willing to put my money where my mouth is...I have
actually already done so.

However, given what's been going on, and the fact that
lpuni has been down more than it's been up lately, I've
decided that it's time to revive the old site
and get it to do the things I've been wishing lpuni would do.

Whether it's fixing up a dead lib, or setting up
my own router, or setting up hosting for lpu, folks should
know by now I'm not a "stand around and hope someone does
something" kind of guy. I'm all about DIY, and that's what
this move is about.

Now, some folks out there are of the opinion that
I'm trying to "compete" with lpuni, and "beat" Tacitus in
some way. I've found myself trying to explain that it is not
so, but I don't think I'll convince all. Let me at least
explain here my thoughts on that...and let the chips fall
where they may.

It is true that I'm planning on spending less time
at the site, and now that Tacitus is not using
Wolfpaw, will have less involvement in general. However,
curtailing my involvement isn't about being huffy. It's not
about my personal feelings regarding Tacitus. It really
just makes sense for me to step away a little, for the following

1) I want a forum that all DS'ers feel comfortable in. Since
lpuni doesn't do that, I will be spending more time on

2) I have too many conflicts with lpuni. Whether it's my opinion
on donations (accepting them the way lpuni does makes me uncomfortable),
or my attitude toward the way the website used to look, or my
concern about hosting on Kyndig, or any of a variety of other
issues, my viewpoint gets construed as hostile and anti-lpu,
rather than anti-whatever-it-is-I'm-disagreeing-with. I think
this causes unnecessary conflict in the community. Tacitus is
the lpuni boss, I'm ok with him being the absolute authority
there, and I'm walking away from there so that nobody thinks I'm
trying to oppose what lpuni is trying to do.

3) cannot compete with, because lpuni's
stated strategies involve things I have absolutly no interest
whatsoever in. You're not going to get departments heads,
ministries of education, LPC certification authorities, or
any of that from This is just a resource site, with
forums, downloads, and docs. That's it. What's to compete?


* I will be spending less time on lpuniversity stuff.

* I will, however, continue to host lpuni meetings as long as lpu wants.

* The site is going up, and staying up. It is both the
official support site for Dead Souls 2 and a place for LP mud fans
of all stripes to congregate with a minimum of political strife.

* The site is not intended to compete with in
a hostile way. The way and are
both complementary and competitive, so I envision the relationship
between and

* LPU people are welcome at lpmuds, and there is already a topic
dedicated to them there.

* Mommy and Daddy still love you. We just have different houses now.

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