chapter 5 "The Orcslayer"

You're getting spoiled, aren't you? You're achieving dizzying
heights of player leveling in no time, and learning tons about
how to fight, move, and operate in the Dead Souls environment.

Well, sorry to say, we are close to the end of your free ride.
The orcslayer quest is the last one you get a full walkthrough
on. After this, you'll need to apply the lessons you've learned
from this hint book to whatever other quests and adventures your
mud features.

Before we really get you remember what you did with
that bear costume? I ask because orcs are known to be quite
deferential to bears. Keep that in mind, if your player race
is not "orc".

Now, Leo the Archwizard misplaced his precious magical sword, Orcslayer.
Leo is in the basement of the village church (1w, 1n of the clocktower)
waiting for you to help him find it. Little does he know that some
juvenile orcs, trying to prove their mettle, stole it and have given
it to their wanna-be shaman in their improvised lair (4w, 1sw, 1w,
1n, 1w of the clocktower).

There are a few ways you can handle the orcs between you and the shaman.
If you decide to do it the hard way, let me remind you that Herkimer
can sometimes teach you some spells even if you are not a mage. In particular
the buffer spell can pro