chapter 3 "Teleportation Devices"

Let's talk a little about how to use some of the teleportation
technology in the default Dead Souls distribution. Some of
this stuff can save your hide, and some of it can kill you,
so it's worth being aware of it.

Visitor's Pass
This is an extremely rare item, and only intended for official test
characters. If you don't show up in the "who" list with a [TEST]
tag, and you have a visitor's pass, something has gone wrong. You
use the pass to get out of trouble with the command: click heels

The omni is a device created by a consortium of time travelers dedicated
to fixing errors in history. While they'd never make the full chrono-omni
available for public consuption, a "gimped" version can be purchased
from Oana at the magic shop. This omni does not do time travel, and when
you press the button on it, it will only take you to one location: Lars's
Pub. However, it is an incredibly valuable tool of recall when you find
yourself in a tight spot. For example, suppose you are an orc or a dwarf,
and you cannot swim, but you walked off the village shore and are now
drowning and sinking to the sea floor. If you have an omni in your
rucksack, you can:

get omi from ruck
push button on omni

And materialize, gasping but alive, in the old tavern. It's a must-have
for any adventurer. I suggest aliasing those commands, so you can
hit the buttons quickly in panic-mode. See: help alias

PROTIP: The omni is programmed not to be in the possession of a
living being for very long. If you keep it in your inventory too long, it
will glow red and disappear. You can limit this by keeping it in your ruck.

Kleiner's omni
Kleiner, brilliant scientist he is, has been tinkering with his omni
and disabled the auto-vanish feature for himself on it. He also has been
able to reprogram his omni to take him to different places. However,
you really don't want this omni. Only Kleiner can control where it takes
him. For anyone else, it takes them to a completely random location
on the mud, and believe me when I tell you this is not really as
fun as it sounds.

Ancient technology of a long-lost civilization, stargates permit travel
to and from each other. You dial a specific stargate you want to go to,
then enter the stargate. Note that if the destination stargate is already
in use the dialing process may fail. Stargates stay open for only a brief
time, though, so unless your mud is super busy, you can probably just
retry the dialing and find success.

Note that stargates can take you to places whose environment is unsuitable
to you. If you dial a stargate that is on the sea floor or one that is in
outer space, you'd best be wearing a breathing device or be carrying
an omni with you. Of course, if on your mud someone has coded a stargate
whose destination is next to a sun going nova, or in a nest of gundarks,
the breathing device may provide insufficient protection

Portal gun
If it has both blue and orange vials installed, this device allows you to
create portals (one blue, one orange) that connect to each other. Entering
the blue portal will take you to the location of the orange portal, and
vice versa. Only one blue portal may exist in the game at any time...the
creation of a new one destroys the old one. This is also true of the
orange portal. Portal locations persist through reboots. By default, the
blue vial is found along with the portal gun, in the hazlab. The orange
vial is rather trickier to is kept in the private storage area
of an incredibly powerful and aggressive cave troll.

You can create a blue portal wherever you want if you have the blue vial
installed, but without the orange vial you cannot change the location of
the orange portal.

Protip: Do not ever enter a portal if the other portal is
in the same room.