chapter 2 "Post-Mansion Hints"

So you're flush with joy at having solved your first quest,
and now you're loaded with money and loot! Woo! But...oh no...
there's so much loot left in the mansion, and the gate gard won't
let you pass because you're not a newbie anymore. Bummer! Well,
we're going to fix that, but first, let's get organized. You're
carrying a bunch of stuff, some of which you want to keep, some
of which you want to sell, and it's going to get tiresome soon,
having to sort through your inventory all the time at shops. So
the first thing we're going to do is buy a rucksack.


Remember when you tried to "drop all" and the only things
you didn't drop were the things you were wearing? A rucksack
gives you somewhere to keep a bunch of stuff, and you *wear*
the rucksack. Meaning that "drop all" and "sell all" will
ignore the valuable stuff you keep in your rucksack, if
you're wearing it. Neat, huh? It makes life much easier when
selling tons of loot.

So, let's go to Otik (from the gate guard, 1n, 3e, 1n), and
buy the rucksack. Try:
buy ruck from otik
If you dont have enough money, sell some of the junk you got
from the mansion. It also could be that you *do* have enough money,
but not in silver. If this is the case, go to zoe and do a
currency exchange:
exchange 5 gold for silver
Note that you can only exchange money in your possession. Zoe
does not exchange money while it is deposited.

Once you have your rucksack, wear it, open it, and put in it
the stuff you want to keep. I suggest putting the grenade, the
pistol, and the slips in there. Now sell the junk you don't
want, deposit the excess cash with Zoe, and let's get ready
to deal with the gate guard.

The problem: A guard you cannot kill, preventing passage.

The solution: Find a way around, or through him.

Now, you might be tempted to use the grenade. You *could* pull
the pin on the grenade, drop it, leave, wait a few seconds, and
come back...and the guard *might* be dead. But this is a magical
guard. Even if he dies, his spirit prevents you from getting
past. And he will regenerate into a new body within seconds. So...
what to do? There are two solutions, and both of them require...


Go to Zoe and withdraw 110 dollars or so (darn fees), then
go to the bookstore (1w, 8s, 5e, 1n), and buy the lab coat from Kim.
Now go to the campus stargate lab (1s, 5w, 1s, 1w, 1n), where Kleiner
is busy working on exotechnology, as usual. In typical egghead
fashion, Kleiner is too preoccupied with his experiments to
help you, but he wants *your* help. He's lost his lab coat, you see.
Like so many geniuses, Kleiner is somewhat physically clumsy,
and if he wears a lab coat you give him, he's liable to drop
his identification badge. This badge gives its carrier access
to the "hazardous technologies" lab two rooms south of Kleiner.

PROTIP: Do not attempt to kill Kleiner. He is carrying a
teleportation device called an omni which he will use the moment he
receives harm from someone. Attacking Kleiner just means he and
his ID badge will teleport to some random location, and you'll be
up the creek.

PROTIP: In the hazardous materials lab, DO NOT attempt to harm
the tripod gun turret. Failure to heed this warning will result in
catastrophic injury to anyone in the room.

On the hazlab workbench you'll find various items of interest. For
now we'll concentrate on the Yautja wrist computer, the Yautja data
module, and the rocket pack. The rocket pack is the simplest tool for
circumventing the gate guard. Wear it, and head back to the guard
(1n, 1e, 6n, 2w, 1s). Now use the pack to fly over the guard:

activate pack
boost up
boost south
boost down
deactivate pack

How do ya like that! Remember to deactivate the pack, too. If you
leave it running, it'll eventually run out of fuel. Don't get too
crazy flying around with it, either. You're extremely likely to boost
yourself out over the ocean if you're not careful, and wind up
lost and drowning. Also, if you run out of fuel while up in the
air, you *will* fall and the damage you'll receive will be grievous.
So let's be very careful in our use of the rocket pack.

Another way to get past the guard is by having him not see you at all.
The Yautja technology can help you in this:

wear wristcomp
open wristcomp
activate wristcomp
install module in wristcomp
close wristcomp
go south

It is crucially important that you are cloaked only as long as
necessary. If you walk around while cloaked, it will sap your stamina
extremely quickly. Note that it is a peculiarity of Yautja technology
that it's a bit awkward to use. If you remove the wristcomp, it
deactivates, and you'll need to wear it, activate it again, uninstall
the module, and install it again. Those Yautja hunters always do
things the hard way, I'll tellya.

You now have the tools you need to successfully steal every
ounce of worth from the newbie mansion regardless of your
newbie status. Congratulations...I guess.