Hey folks,

I'm getting the drift that some people feel there is some
sort of political big deal going on between Tacitus and me.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to clarify things
a bit.

Yes, I *do* have a problem with Tacitus-the-person, who has
personally offended me, put people at risk, and been an
all around source of unpleasantness for me lately.

However, I am not interested in, nor do I have the time for,
some kind of Kyndig/Samson style feud. I appreciate all the
supportive emails, and the kind words both on- and off- the
record. But in the end, all I want to do is make Dead Souls
the best LPC lib ever, and getting into a juvenile pissing match
is exactly the sort of thing that makes that difficult.

So, be aware of the fact that I want people to contribute to his
site, and I want LPU to be successful, because that is an
overall plus for Dead Souls. Please keep up the community

Whatever I've been doing lately to express my displeasure
with Tacitus has nothing to do with you guys, and I am not
interested in ganging up on anyone. Please just let me
be angry with Tacitus, and carry on with your business.



Update 27 June 2006

People who missed the original event have been
puzzled over what I'm talking about here. For their
benefit, I'm posting three consecutive messages from
then which will help illustrate the problem. They
were originally posted on the LPU site.

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