Dead Souls and LPUniversity Libs

There is some question about the
relationship between the Dead Souls mudlib and
the LPUniversity mudlib. Hopefully the description
below will unmuddy those waters.

Think of LPUniversity as a lib designed
from the ground up with LPC education in mind. It
is intended to be a lib coder's lib: crafted to
precise specifications and tight tolerances.

You'll have to ask him, but it's my
impression that Tacitus intends the LPUniversity
lib to be a sort of gold standard of how
LP libs should be.

As such, it's going to take a long time
to get the LPUniversity lib into the kind of
shape it needs to be in order to have a high
adoption rate. You can think of it as a Rolls
Royce under construction, still up on the lift.

Dead Souls is ready for prime-time. Though
it lacks some fun stuff that will be added in
the future, everything you need is there for
making almost whatever you want, right away. It's
not perfect, but it works. If LPUniversity is
a Rolls on the build lift, Dead Souls is the
Honda Civic in your driveway. Nothing to scream
about, really, but it works great and takes you
where you need to go.

The two libs complement each other. The
point of Dead Souls has always been to get more
people using LPC. The point of the LPUniversity
umbrella project (which includes the LPUlib) has
been to get more people using LPC.

By affiliating with Dead Souls, LPU gains
a larger potential base of interested people.
Dead Souls can be downloaded and run now, and put
into production as quickly as you can build your
world for it. This active user base strengthens
the LPUniversity project by participating in the
LPC community.

By affiliating with the LPU project, Dead
Souls gains a resource for LPC discussion that
has been sorely needed. Discussion forums and healthy
competition between libs is the sort of thing that
breeds interest in Dead Souls, breeding interest in
LPC at large.

Everyone wins.

So that's pretty much it. The LPU lib is
the car that's going to r0x0r but isn't ready to
to roll yet. Dead Souls is the car that may not
look as pretty, but has it where it counts. It
actually turns over and gets you around.

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